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Crocheted Taylor Turtle
Taylor Turtle
Meet Taylor Turtle! A cuddly, loveable yarn pet that doesn't require feeding. Made with 4 ply yarn and an H hook, Taylor is almost 15 inches long from his nose to the tip of his tail. Or try making a smaller version of him with thinner yarn and a smaller hook. His shell is made of 2 tone hexagon motifs, and his underbody is a colorful variegated yarn. We used buttons for eyes, but if he's being made for a young child, please embroider the eyes instead.

#3005 Pattern for Taylor Turtle.......$4.90

Crocheted pocket pets
Crochet Pocket Pets
This pattern includes a total of 13 little crocheted stuffed animals that are perfect for little hands. Three different body styles are included, with different ears tails and finishing details to make all 13 animals. Small enough to tote around or even tuck into a pocket. Also a good size to be made as toys for 18 to 24 inch dolls, like My Twinn, Lee Middleton babies and others similar sized. Pocket Pets use only basic stitches and minimal shaping, so they're easy and quick to make. Pattern includes a horse, giraffe and zebra, plus two different styles of puppy, cat, pig, rabbit and bear. A great way to use up yarn scraps.

#3003 Pattern for Crochet Pocket Pets.......$4.90

Hobo Puppy
Hobo Puppy
Hobo is a cuddly soft, loveable little puppy just waiting to be added to your household. He's made using only basic crochet stitches, with minimal shaping, so he's easy enough for even a beginner to make. Hobo is about eight inches long, but depending on the yarn you use, he could be a bit larger or smaller. Fun to make one, or a whole litter!

#3004 Pattern for Hobo Puppy.......$4.90

Crocheted Button buddies
Crocheted Button Buddies
Here are five adorable crocheted stuffed animals - each with button joints at shoulders and hips. Posable, cuddly critters are about 15" tall. Easy to follow instructions are perfect even for beginners. All use only basic stitches and minimal shaping. Set of patterns includes Cinnamon Bear, Snowball the cat, Ralph the puppy, Hopster Rabbit and Possie the opossum, as well as a granny square vest and a hooded parka that will fit all five of them.

#3001 Patterns for 5 Crocheted Button Buddies.......$13.90

A Trio of Teddies
A Trio of Teddies to Crochet
Here are three goofy, loveable teddy bears to crochet. Each is approximately 15" tall when complete. Make Grey Bear with her ruffly jumper and separate collar, or chubby Brown Bear with his favorite sweater, or Pierre Bear complete with his snappy jacket, bowtie and beret - or make all three! Quick and easy to make, using only basic crochet stitches.

#3002 Pattern for A Trio of Teddies to Crochet.......$8.90

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