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Tasha & Miss Ethel Tasha & Miss Ethel
One of our all time, most popular doll patterns. Little Tasha stands 14 inches tall, made of cotton jersey fabric. She has button jointed arms and legs, tiny little button eyes, rosy cheeks and a sweet little mouth. Her hair is a three-tone krinkle yarn in tans, creme and a bit of pink. She wears bib overalls, a long sleeve turtleneck and a patterned cardigan. Her pattern also includes undies, socks and shoes. Miss Ethel, her sidekick, is also included in the pattern.

#6001 PDF Pattern for Tasha & Miss Ethel.........$9.90

Miss Morrissey Little Miss Morrissey
This is the signature doll for Morrissey Dolls, designed after the image on the logo. Miss Morrissey is 14 inches tall, made from t-shirt knit, and similar in construction to Tasha and her friends, but requires less hand sewing (note that her hands are mitten-like, no finger detail). We show her with a purchased acrylic wig, but the pattern also includes instructions for yarn hair. Pattern also includes her teddy bear.

#6033 PDF Pattern for Little Miss Morrissey.........$9.90

Wardrobe for 14 inch Dolls Wardrobe for 14 inch Dolls
First there was Tasha, now it's time for some extra outfits! Pattern includes dress, slip or pinafore, nightgown, jacket and bonnet, t-shirt and shorts, sweat set and undies. Wardrobe pattern will fit all Tasha & friends dolls, and Miss Morrissey.

#6034 PDF Pattern for Wardrobe for 14 inch Dolls.........$9.90

Tasha's Travelling Trunk Tasha's Travelling Trunk
It's finally finished! Now Tasha or any of her friends can travel in style! Made of fabric with plastic canvas to add stiffness (you can also use cardboard). Lightweight and fun to make. Even the hinges and handles are fabric. Roomy interior includes a compartment for shoes and small accessories, a loop to hang clothing up, and a delightful full size, fold down bed!

#6035 PDF Pattern for Tasha's Travelling Trunk.........$9.90

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