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cinderella Cinderella with 2 Complete Outfits
Part of our Classic Storybook series of cloth doll patterns. Our version of the very popular Cinderella is 18 inches tall, made of muslin, with button jointed arms and legs. Krinkle variegated yarn hair and sewn on eyes. Pattern includes full size pieces and illustrated step-by-step instructions for doll, her fancy ball gown with slip, panties and shoes, plus her rag outfit of dress, apron, kerchief, socks and shoes. 2 little felt mice friends complete this adorable set!

#6008 PDF Pattern for Cinderella with 2 Complete Outfits.........$9.90

Little Red Riding Hood & Grandma/Wolf Doll Little Red Riding Hood & Grandma/Wolf Doll
The Classic Storybook series continues with Little Red Riding Hood. Muslin and button joint construction, with acrylic yarn hair and button eyes. Red's doll is an old-fashioned topsy-turvy style - grandma on one end and the wolf on the other. Flip the skirt over either way to reveal one or the other. It's easy to make! Pattern includes full size pattern pieces and fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for Red Riding Hood, her outfit and her topsy-turvy doll.

#6011 PDF Pattern for Little Red Riding Hood & Grandma/Wolf Doll........$9.90

Polly Pretty Polly
She's one of our most popular dolls, standing 18 inches tall, made of cotton jersey or t-shirt knit, with shank button eyes, button jointed limbs and dimpled knees. Shape her face with a few simple stitches. We show her with a sewn on acrylic wig, but pattern also includes instructions for making yarn hair. In addition to outfit as shown, pattern includes a bonnet, since Polly also makes an adorable baby doll. Polly wears real baby shoes and socks.

#523 PDF Pattern for Pretty Polly.........$9.90

Martin Martin
Little boys can use a playmate, or little girls might need a "little brother". So we've got Martin for you. He's 18 inches tall, made of cotton jersy, with a cute smile and shank button eyes. Arms and legs are button jointed so he's posable but still cuddly. He wears jeans and a sweatshirt. Pattern also includes his baseball cap. His shoes and socks are real baby items. We show him with an acrylic wig, but pattern also includes instructions for yarn hair.

#6043 PDF for Martin........$9.90

Bitsy Buttons Bitsy Buttons
Bitsy is made like all of our other button jointed dolls, she's just a little smaller! Only 9 inches tall, she's small enough to hitch a ride in a coat pocket. Made of soft cotton jersey, she's a cuddly little handful. Pattern includes Bitsy, three outfits and her versatile tote. On the inside, one side is her bed, complete with pillow. The other side has pockets for her clothing. Close the tote and you'll find a sling for her to ride in!

#6039 PDF Pattern for Bitsy Buttons.........$9.90

Cigar Box Doll Cigar Box Doll
This little doll is only 8 inches tall. Made of muslin, she has a painted face, painted hair and painted on shoes for an old time look. Pattern includes doll and outfit, plus bedding and finishing ideas to decorate a cigar box for her. (If you don't have a cigar box, a school box or shoebox works fine too.) Pattern includes optional full color face you can print on iron-on transfer paper and iron right on your doll if you don't want to paint it yourself!

#6040 PDF Pattern for Cigar Box Doll.........$9.90

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