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Maggie and Keshia Maggie & Keshia
These adorable kids are still my favorites, no matter how many new dolls we create! They are made from t-shirt knit, so they're very cuddly, and incredibly posable. They're so much fun to make new outfits for, we had to create a separate wardrobe pattern for them. Dolls are 15 inches tall, with sew on googly eyes, thick yarn hair and minimal soft sculpting to make their faces. Pattern includes their undies, undershirt, t-shirt, overalls, socks and shoes.

#6024 PDF Pattern for Maggie & Keshia.........$9.90

#6024 Mailed Pattern for Maggie & Keshia........$13.50
Wardrobe for Maggie & Keshia Maggie & Keshia's Wardrobe
Once you make Maggie & Keshia, you're going to want to start dressing them, so we created a complete wardrobe pattern for them. It includes two dresses, slip, jumper, skirt, two tops, nightgown, coat and hat, scarf and mittens, play jacket, summer playset and jeans.

#6025 PDF Pattern for Maggie & Keshia's Wardrobe.........$9.90

#6025 Mailed Pattern for Maggie & Keshia's Wardrobe........$13.50

Paige Paige - 16" Simply Kids Doll
This popular bunch of dolls are fun to make, fun to dress and fun to play with. They all have easy to make yarn hair that can actually be brushed and styled. Made of cotton jersey. the nose is sewn on, eyes are sew on shank buttons and mouths are embroidered. Paige is ready for play - maybe with your little girl? She wears jeans, a turtleneck, cropped fleece jacket and hiking boots. Panties and socks also included in Paige's pattern. She has thick brown hair that looks great with a colorful bow or two added.

#6012 Mailed Pattern for Paige - 16" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Lillith Lillith - 16" Simply Kids Doll
Sweet little Lillith is 16 inches tall. Her pattern includes her favorite outfit - a full skirt, turtleneck, colorful vest, bobby socks and canvas tennis shoes. Pattern also includes undies, petticoat and a vinyl belt. Lillith's hair is short with thick bangs.

#6013 Mailed Pattern for Lillith - 16" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Heather Heather - 16" Simply Kids Doll
Heather is Lillith's very best friend. She has two tone light brown hair tied up into two long ponytails with fluffy bangs. Her outfit is a long sleeve, button front dress with pockets, slip, panties, socks and buckle shoes. She'll fit into Lillith and Paige's outfits too. (All 16 inch dolls can wear each other's clothing.)

#6014 Mailed Pattern for Heather - 16" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Carson Carson - 16" Simply Kids Doll
A playground full of kids wouldn't be complete without at least one little fella - so here's Carson! He's 16 inches tall with thick messy brown hair and purchased glasses. He wears pleated pants with roomy pockets, contrasting cuffs and shoulder straps. His shirt buttons down the front. Pattern includes his necktie, socks, tie shoes and briefs.

#6015 Mailed Pattern for Carson - 16" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Morgan Morgan - 18" Simply Kids Doll
Morgan is 18 inches tall, with rusty red hair in long braids and freckles across her nose. She's wearing panties and a slip, a turtleneck shirt, long jumper, short jacket (not shown), knee socks and boots. Add a few ribbons to her braids and she's finished. Morgan and Chloe (below) can wear each other's clothes.

#6016 Mailed Pattern for Morgan - 18" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Chloe Chloe - 18" Simply Kids Doll
Morgan's friend is 18 inch Chloe. Blonde Chloe wears a pretty flared dress that buttons down the front. It has puffy sleeves and a matching floppy hat. Her pretty shoes have ribbon ties and her knee socks are a breeze to make.

#6017 Mailed Pattern for Chloe - 18" Simply Kids Doll........$13.50

Simply Kids Simply Kids - the Whole Gang
You can buy each pattern separately (above), or order the Simply Kids Complete Set and save. Like getting two patterns FREE. Set includes all six complete patterns as shown above.

#6068 Mailed Pattern Set for Simply Kids - the Whole Gang........$49.90

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