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Aunt Stella Peabody Aunt Stella Peabody
The current matriarch of the Peabody family; Aunt Stella. She stands 18 inches tall, with soft sculpted features, painted button eyes and multicolored acrylic yarn hair. Like all of the Peabodys, she is make from t-shirt knit, or cotton jersey. Stella is a bit on the stubborn side, but offer her a ride in the afternoon to a mall and she's happy! Button jointed arms and legs. Pattern includes her outfit - blouse, skirt, undies and sensible shoes. Lots of fun to load her up with silly jewelry!

#529 Mailed Pattern for Aunt Stella Peabody........$13.50

Penelope Peabody Penelope Peabody
Adorable Penelope is at that awkward stage - not a little kid anymore, but not quite a teenager yet. A bit on the homely side, but next to her baby sister Edith, she's a beauty queen! Penelope stands 14 inches tall, made from t-shirt knit, with button jointed arms and legs. Tiny shank button eyes and simple soft sculpture stitches make her silly but sweet face. She has krinkle acrylic blonde yarn hair. Pattern includes her dress, a full petticoat and slip, panties, socks and shoes, plus her teddy bear.

#530 Mailed Pattern for Penelope Peabody........$13.50

Baby Edith Peabody Baby Edith Peabody
One look at Baby Edith and you'll understand the phrase "a face only a mother could love". Little Edith is Penelope's homely but loveable baby sister. She stands just about 7 inches tall. She has button eyes an oversized nose, a goofy smile and rosy cheeks. Outfit consists of t-shirt, diapers, bootees and bonnet. Your Peabody family isn't complete without her!.

#532 Mailed Pattern for Baby Edith Peabody........$13.50

Cousin Noodles Peabody Cousin Noodles Peabody
Noodles is the brains in the family - though with this dysfunctional group, that isn't saying too much. Noodles is a slender 16 inches tall, with auburn hair, a scattering of freckles across her nose, and glasses over her tiny button eyes. Her and Penelope love getting into trouble together! Outfit consists of front button blouse, straight skirt with shoulder straps, undies, socks and shoes.

#533 Mailed Pattern for Cousin Noodles Peabody........$13.50

Uncle Ern Peabody Uncle Ern Peabody
Ern is Stella's "better" half. He's even more cranky than she is. Uncle Ern is 18 inches tall, with shank button eyes, an attached nose and a dimpled chin. Button jointed so he's posable and fun to display or play with.

#531 Mailed Pattern for Uncle Ern Peabody........$13.50

The Dilbert Family The Dilbert Family
Meet the Dilberts - Dylan and DeeDee with son Duncan and daughter Dilly. A delightful double duo of dolls! Mom and Dad are 15 inches tall, Duncan is 12 inches tall and little Dilly stands 9 inches tall. All are made with t-shirt knit or cotton jersey, and button jointed at the arm and legs, so they're posable and can stand alone. All have yarn hair, button eyes and very simple soft sculpture details. Pattern includes socks, shoes and underwear for everyone. See wardrobe pattern below for the rest of their clothing.

#547 Mailed Pattern for The Dilbert Family........$16.90

Make a Family Make a Family
Imagine the fun a lucky little girl would have playing with this entire family of dolls! Mom and Dad are 15 inches tall, brother is 12 and little sister is 9 inches tall. All are button jointed, made from t-shirt knit, and all have iron on transfers to make their faces. Use them as is, or use as a guide to create your own faces. Their hair is fake fur, made into simple wigs. Pattern includes socks, shoes and underwear for everyone. See wardrobe pattern below for the rest of their clothing options.

#535 Mailed Pattern for Make a Family........$16.90

Make Their Wardrobe Make a Wardrobe
After you make one of the two families above, you'll need clothing for everyone! This wardrobe pattern includes playwear, dress-up outfits, jackets and sleepwear for everyone in the family. Clothing will fit the Dilberts and the Make a Family dolls. Get creative, and the possibilities are endless.
#536 Mailed Pattern for Make a Wardrobe........$16.90

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