~ foam board doll accessory patterns ~
If you haven't tried making doll accessories out of foam board, these fun patterns might change your mind!

two trunks
Trunks for your Dolls
Make full size trunks so your dolls can store all their belongings! Pattern includes upright wardrobe trunk with clothes bar on one side and two roomy drawers plus two roomy shelves on the opposite side. Trunk is made from foamboard and is surprisingly sturdy. It stands a full 20" tall and is 12" wide. It's shown here with a 23" My Twinn® doll so you can see how big and roomy it is.

Pattern also includes steamer type trunk with handles on the ends. This trunk is a roomy 18" wide. Both trunks are covered inside and out, with fabric or decorative papers and edged with colorful duct tape. They go together easily in just a few hours. Faux latches are cardboard just for show, magnets are actually what holds each trunk closed. Trunks are surprisingly sturdy, and will store a lot of doll clothing and accessories. They are not however, intended for rough use and cannot be sat in or on by small children (dolls are okay though).

#4007 PDF Pattern for Trunks for your Dolls........$9.90

#4007 Mailed Pattern for Trunks for your Dolls........$13.50

luggage Luggage Set for your Dolls
Everyone needs luggage, and your dolls are no exception! Here is a perfect set you can make for them - from foamboard. The three piece set takes only one sheet of foamboard. Set includes A roomy upright suitcase with wheels and a pull handle, a medium sized suitcase and the smaller overnight case. All are covered inside and out, with craft paper, so you have an endless variety of finishing choices available. Edges are trimmed with duct tape or vinyl tape. Latches are faux, glued on cardboard just to look cute, cases actually close with magnets in the corners. Set is shown here with a 23 inch My Twinn® doll so you can see the size.
Roomy luggage can be made as a matched set, or make different colors and sizes for different dolls. All will hold plenty of doll clothing and accessories, and are surprisingly sturdy. Very easy to make, too.

#4008 PDF Pattern for Luggage Set for your Dolls.........$9.90

#4008 Mailed Pattern for Luggage Set for your Dolls........$13.50

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